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High School Equivalency Preparation

Increase Your Potential!

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The Union Adult Learning Center provides High School Equivalency test preparation classes throughout northeast Oklahoma.

Students seeking high school equivalency do not complete high school. Instead, they enroll in coursework that will enable them to pass a test to demonstrate they possess knowledge equivalent to a high school graduate.

Possible tests include:

  • the High School Equivalency Exam (HISET),
  • General Educational Development (GED), or
  • the Test Assessing Secondary Completion (TASC).

Like a high school degree, passing this test increases a client's job opportunities, helps them earn higher pay, and allows them to pursue higher education.

What is the High School Equivalency Exam?

A high school equivalency exam (HSE) is designed to test the basic skills and knowledge that students typically learn at the high school level and award a credential that acts like a high school diploma. The idea is to give people who dropped out -- whether for family or personal reasons -- a chance to catch up and enjoy the benefits that a high school diploma can bring.