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UALC Learning/Tutoring Resources

Union Adult Learning CenterMathematical Reasoning

  • Great resource for students (or teachers) wanting additional practice of math skills.  After account is setup, a student takes a pre-test and then is placed on an individually designed course to help them progress.  It goes from basic math to advanced.

  • Great blog from an algebra teacher here in the state.  She has lots of activities and printables available.

Slope Tree JPG

  • Good visual for our students regarding different types of slope.  This was taken from the math=love blog.  If you want more info on how to utilize this picture, search "slope tree" on that blog.

Slope Guy JPG

  • Good visual for our students regarding different types of slope. The left eye is a positive slope.  The right eye is a negative slope.  The nose is undefined.  The mouth is a slope of zero.  This was taken from the math=love blog.  If you want more info on how to utilize this picture, search "slope guy" on that blog.

Alphabet Slope

  • Good visual and activity for our students regarding different types of slope.  Teacher would have students go through each section of a letter and determine what slope that section is.  This was taken from the math=love blog.  If you want more info on how to utilize this picture, search "alphabet slope" on that blog.

300Slope Mountains

  • Another great activity to use with class when learning about the concept of slope.

Integer Activity

  • Site that is ran by curriculum specialists at the State Department of Education.  They are emphasizing the change to Common Core State Standards and giving lots of great ideas to adjust teaching accordingly.

OK Math Teachers Facebook Group

  • Great way to stay connected to what many Oklahoma math educators are doing in their classrooms.  (You must request to join the group.  So, you should have something on your profile that mentions that you are a math educator or educator in general.

Learning Trends

  • This math website has GED math broken down from simple to complex, with free math worksheets that can be printed.

Writing Prompts for Mathematics

  • Writing prompts that are broken up into 1-minute, 3-minute, and 5-minute prompts.  Could be great to use as a warm-up activity.

Test and Worksheet Generator for Pre-Algebra, Algebra, and Geometry

  • Kuta Software is a great site to have students practice or reinforce basic skills pertaining to Algebra or Geometry.

Union Adult Learning CenterSocial Studies 

  • Current events website.  It has vocabulary words and questions (account required).

  • Timeline of the Unites States.  It concurrently shows history of states, territories, presidents, society, Native Americans, the world, science, and culture.

  • Ten-minute movie that slowly walks student through major US historical events from 1780-1950.  Students can pause and rewind movie.  Timeline at bottom and states can be "clicked" on.

  • Website with civics-related lessons that summarizes main points.  Most lessons have questions, quizzes, or other activities at the end.   While somewhat basic, the lessons might be a good introduction into a topic or event for certain students.  

Reasoning Through Language Arts

Various Writing Prompts

  • This site has many creative writing prompts that will get your class thinking, discussing, and writing about various topics.

A Variety of Student Essays

  • These essays are from a foreign univesity.  Some of them could be used as examples to teach from.  The argumentative essays are good, basic examples to use to have our students practice determining "which essay is better supported" and using "relevant and specific evidence" from the text.

  • This link talks about how to incorporate evidence into your writing.  It gives good examples and bad examples.

Evidence Overview

  • Handout that gives students evidence and has them determine appropriateness.

Quality Evidence

  • Five maxims of quality evidence.

Types of Evidence in Persuasive/Argument Papers

  • Shows how to support an argument with evidence.  Could be good to use in identifying evidence or in practicing the selection and usage of it in students' writing.

Union Adult Learning Center


The Amazing Elephant Toothpaste Lesson

  • Multi-day lesson/experiment touching on many topics

Independent and Dependent Variables

  • Great website that are used to introduce different variables.  Could be good for students to find definitions of Ind & Dep variables.  Also, have them highlight, circle, or write down that key phrase at the bottom. -->  ( An independent variable causes a change in a dependent variable.  A dependent variable cannot cause a change in an independent variable)

Independent and Dependent Variables Cut and Arrange Activity

  • This was taken from the mathequalslove blog.  If you want more information, check out this page to see how that teacher used this activity.  You will need to scroll down to the bottom to find it.

Variables, Controls, and Conclusions

  • This is a great worksheet to walk your students through after they have done the two activities above.  Students are introduced to how experiments are set up and conducted.  They have to identify the control group (good vocab word), Ind & Dep variables, and draw conclusions based on the data.  Also, talking with students on how to improve the experiments is a great discussion topic.

DNA Replication Powerpoint Lesson


  • Website has free typing games that are somewhat fun and engaging.  Students can adjust the difficulty and amount of letters they must type.

  • Website that has a list of basic computer skills curriculum.

Great website for learning how to use a mouse

Other Links/Resources

Online Learning Opportunity from Tulsa County Library

  • Students can access this learning opportunity if they have a Tulsa County Library card

  • More information regarding Tulsa County Library's adult learning opportunities including 
    "Learning Express"

  • Goodwill Community Foundation has a plethora of lessons and topics ranging from technology, math, employment, money, and social media.

Classroom Feedback Survey

  • This four question survey is something you can use to get a feel for how effective you are being as an instructor.  It can also give you insight into topics or concepts that you need to teach or review. Feel free to add to or change the wording as you see fit.  Like the other resources, it's a good place to start and can/should be added to or tweaked to fit your class.


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